Fish Tank in Dentist Office Expert Aquarium Installation Service

A Fishy Marketing Strategy That Helped One Dentist’s Practice Stand Out

Dr. Lang’s decision to install a fish tank in her established dental practice’s waiting room proved to be a brilliant strategy for setting her office apart from the competition. Many dentist offices have aquariums, but not many of them leverage their fish tanks the way that Dr. Lang does. Aquariums create a calming and relaxing environment which is perfect for people visiting the dentist. But, Dr. Lang also took advantage of opportunities for some creative marketing efforts.

As her aquarium maintenance service provider, we consulted with Dr. Lang and carefully considered the aquarium’s size, shape, and decor to complement the office’s styling. A freshwater, 60-gallon cube aquarium was decided on. We had a cabinet made to match the office interior and incorporated a custom-made decoration with the clinic’s logo, which created a seamless and natural extension of the practice that stood out in the minds of patients and visitors.

Dr. Lang’s team worked with the aquarists to choose the perfect selection of fish and aquatic plants that matched the practice’s contemporary atmosphere and color scheme. The result was a beautiful and tranquil aquarium that became a popular topic of conversation and a relaxing distraction for patients waiting for their appointments.

The aquarium also provided an excellent opportunity for the practice to showcase its personality and engage with patients through various social media channels. Dr. Lang’s staff created blog posts and video content about the aquarium and its fishy characters, which worked great to engage with patients, their children, and followers. Analytics showed that the posts about the fish tank were amongst some of the clinics most popular, generating new traffic to their website and improving their social media engagement. The aquarium helped increase awareness of their practice and create positive associations surrounding visits to the practice.

The aquarium’s installation not only provided a calming environment and distraction for patients but also added an elegant touch to the practice’s branding and marketing efforts. Having the aquarium turned out to be a good business decision. It added a unique feature to the office, a memorable experience for patients and helps the practice stand out in a city with many dentist offices patients can choose from.